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Video Memoir Project

“I feel like I just spent the afternoon with my mother again. Thank you for that wonderful gift.” 

“I wish I would have done this with my parents when they were living.”




In the summer of 2003, when my grandmother was 91 years old, she and I spent time together talking about her life. I wanted to know about her childhood, her parents, and how she met my grandfather, but also about how she saw the world change in her lifetime. I recorded the conversations on cassette tapes, thinking someday I’d write about her and use the tapes as backup. I never did that.

boardwalkMy grandmother died in 2013 at the age of 101. I had promised her I’d do something with the information she shared with me, and last year I finally did. To some of her stories, told in her own voice, I added some family pictures, and created a video. My family can enjoy it now, but I also wanted to have it for future generations.

sarahsolyoungerWhen my mother saw it she said, “I feel like I just spent the afternoon with my mother again. Thank you for that wonderful gift.”

Listening to the audio files 13 years after recording them, I felt like my grandmother and I were together back in her apartment.

If only I had made video recordings, not just audio recordings. How wonderful if we could see her as well!

What about your memories? Are you ready to share them with your family and future generations?


While your Video Memoir is a unique and personal experience, there is a rhythm to how this type of project develops. Here is the basic timeline:

Part 1: Project Discussion
We’ll meet to talk about the project and discuss how you want to tell your story. I can offer ideas for content, format, pictures, and props, etc. You will have plenty of time to prepare for Part 2.

Part 2: Filming
Relax in your most comfortable chair — or at your desk or out on your deck — and start talking about your life. That’s it! Filming can be done all at once or over two separate sessions. In total, we will film for approximately one hour.

Part 3: Editing
I will edit the video footage — and include up to 15 pictures, modest text, and perhaps some music* — to create a 30-45 minute video. We will meet once to watch it together and discuss any modifications.

Part 4: Completed Project
I will deliver to you your completed Video Memoir on a flash drive, ready to play on a computer or properly-equipped television. I will also help you upload the video to a cloud-based format like DropBox, YouTube, or Google Videos and create a link to share with others. Your video will only be visible to those you invite.


  • *Music included in a Video Memoir project can only be music to which you own the rights, or royalty-free music which can be purchased.
  • At this time, Video Memoir projects are limited to residents of The Landings in Savannah, Georgia, or The Hermitage in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and will be filmed in these locations.
  • This arrangement will include a basic contract to be signed by both parties. Integral to this contract is my commitment to respect your privacy by restricting my use of your video footage exclusively to your project.

I hope you will think about the value of creating a Video Memoir. If you are interested in discussing this, Contact me!

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at anytime and without notice.

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