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The IT Girl, LLC

If you grew up with computers in your home and school (I didn’t), you might be expected to know how to use them. If you jumped onto the computer highway later in life, you certainly can’t be.

Do you

  • Live at The Landings (Skidaway Island, Savannah, Georgia) or The Hermitage (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania) and see how important email is if you want to be involved in any game/sport/club/organization!?
  • Own a smart phone and/or a tablet but don’t feel so smart using them?
  • Consult to the industry from which you retired but don’t have the support staff you used to have?
  • Understand that from now on your kids will only be sending pictures of the grandkids by text?
  • Want to make a video, photo book, greeting card, family tree, or other creative things on your computer?
  • Think about writing your memoirs or the next great American novel?
  • Just want to be less intimidated by your computer and electronic devices?

I can help.

Contact me. 

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