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Online Menus

Many restaurants post their menus online; you can click the “menu” link on the restaurant’s website to see if your dietary restrictions are accommodated, whether smaller plates are an option, what indulgent desserts you might save room for, and the price you’ll pay for an entree. There is certainly value in that.

And yet, I still like to be surprised.

As often as I gravitate toward tech options — I text instead of call, take a picture of information rather than write it down — I prefer not to study online menus before dining out. Part of the fun of the restaurant experience is being handed a menu and anticipating what treats lie in store for me.

Long before internet menus were available, Jerry Seinfeld did a comedy bit about “winning the ordering game.” To Jerry, the person at the table who sees and orders the “best” option on the menu first, wins. I wonder now whether he peeks at the online menu?

Whatever your preference, enjoy your meal!

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