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Recipe Mode

As far as I know, there is no official “Recipe Mode” but that’s what I call my setup for keeping my phone or tablet clean, visible, and on(!) while I follow a recipe.
Three steps:
  1. Place your device in a clear, resealable plastic bag. (Nothing more pleasant than peanut butter on the phone). The touch screen will still work through the plastic.
  2. Prop up the device so you can read the recipe; anything on the counter will do, including the wall.
  3. Turn the automatic sleep/lock function off temporarily so the recipe will stay on the screen.*
*On an iPhone or iPad, tap “Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto Lock > Never” to keep the screen from going dark. On an Android phone, tap “Settings > Display > Screen Timeout > Never” (or long enough to follow your recipe).

When you are finished cooking, be sure to change your display time back to where it was so you don’t run down your battery.

Of course you can always print the recipe and work off the paper copy, but some on-screen recipes may be YouTube videos or include helpful video demonstrations which must be viewed on screen.

If you are thinking, “I could have used this information last week while cooking for the Passover/Easter holidays,” just think how much more you will appreciate it when Mother’s Day rolls around!
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