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Publix App

If you shop at a Publix supermarket, you should have the Publix mobile app on your phone.

Here’s why I like the Publix app (the last one on my list is my new favorite):

  • I can designate my closest store as “My Store.”
  • I can create shopping lists.
  • I can order sandwiches just the way I like them for later pickup.
  • I can check items in the “Digital Coupon” section for savings at the register, and I don’t have to remember to bring the coupons with me.
  • I can determine if the store has an item before I go.
  • I can look up where the item is in the store, before I get there or while I’m shopping.*
*Even if you know your store really well, there are some items you may not be able to find. And even if your Publix store has particularly helpful employees (mine does; they always walk customers to the items they need help finding), sometimes there are no employees in sight, or you just want to run in quickly to get one thing. The aisle designation in the app is great; look how many different places you can find nuts. And that’s just nuts!

You can download the Publix app for iPhone or Android here:

Note: there is also a separate Publix Delivery app for home deliveries. I haven’t tried it.

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