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Save for Later

I love the “Save for Later” option in my Amazon Shopping Cart. You might also.
Sometimes I take a while to decide to buy something. I read descriptions, check out the reviews, look at the questions and answers, and double-check the dimensions. And even then I may not be ready to buy. But I don’t want to lose the item either; I’d like to come back to it later.
The simplest way I have found to keep the item current is to
  1. Click “Add to Cart”
  2. Click “Cart”
  3. Click “Save for later” under that specific item
This creates a new “Saved for later” category in my shopping cart. I can return to it later, open the description, delete the item, move it to my cart, or just leave it there indefinitely.

I could skip the “Save for later” option and just leave the item in my Cart — as long as I don’t forget it’s there when I go to buy something else. Or I could use Amazon’s “List” feature to save the item in a personalized list, but I find “Save for later” more efficient than “Add to List.”

Any shortcut — like “Save for later” — that keeps me from having to search for the item again is a real time saver. Might be for you too.

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