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Save for Later

I love the “Save for Later” option in my Amazon Shopping Cart. You might also.
Sometimes I take a while to decide to buy something. I read descriptions, check out the reviews, look at the questions and answers, and double-check the dimensions. And even then I may not be ready to buy. But I don’t want to lose the item either; I’d like to come back to it later.
The simplest way I have found to keep the item current is to
  1. Click “Add to Cart”
  2. Click “Cart”
  3. Click “Save for later” under that specific item
This creates a new “Saved for later” category in my shopping cart. I can return to it later, open the description, delete the item, move it to my cart, or just leave it there indefinitely.

I could skip the “Save for later” option and just leave the item in my Cart — as long as I don’t forget it’s there when I go to buy something else. Or I could use Amazon’s “List” feature to save the item in a personalized list, but I find “Save for later” more efficient than “Add to List.”

Any shortcut — like “Save for later” — that keeps me from having to search for the item again is a real time saver. Might be for you too.

Voicemail to Email

Get your landline voicemail as an email!

If your landline is provided by Comcast (xfinity), and you use the xfinity voice mail system (not an answering machine box), you can receive your voice mail messages (text and audio) as an email.*

I love this feature.


  • You don’t have to “call in” to check your voice messages (but you do have to check your email).
  • If the caller doesn’t leave a message (many marketing calls don’t), you will not even be bothered.
  • If a robo caller does leave a message, you can “see” it faster than that you can listen to it, and delete it sooner.
Other notes
  • To set this up, you will need to have an xfinity account and know your username and password. You probably have an account if you already have Comcast service; your username and password can be located or reset.
  • Even if you delete the voice mail email, the voice mail message itself is still on the xfinity website. Go to your xfinity account periodically and delete old messages.
  • The voice-to-text is not always accurate. Best to listen to the audio (scroll to the bottom of the email to press “play”) if you question the translation.
To set this up:

* I am highlighting Comcast as most of my ITmail readers on Skidaway Island have Comcast. If you have a landline with another provider, check to see if it offers the same service.
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