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Printing Attachments

I am often contacted by clients having trouble printing documents that came attached to their email.

I just want to print the attachment but all I get is the email showing me there is something attached. Help!

To print the attachment, you must first click (sometimes double-click) on the name of the attached file, prompting your computer to find the program most appropriate to open it.

Once an attachment is opened, it is independent of the email that delivered it so you need to print it from its own print commands, not the email print commands. Examples:

  • By clicking a Word document attached to an email, you prompt your computer to open Word. Print the document by clicking File > Print from within the Word program.
  • By clicking on a PDF file attached to an email, you prompt your computer to open Adobe Reader (or whichever PDF-reading program you use). Initiate the print function from within that program.

Of course if you also wish to print the content of the email itself, print the email directly from your email program.

I hope this helps.

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