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Text to Speech

Last week’s ITmail about checking your phone more often for text messages elicited some comments about how reading texts is not always convenient. If you are driving, for example, you will have to wait to read them.

But you can listen to them.

If you have an iPhone, ask Siri to “read my texts” and she’ll do it. (Enable the “Hey Siri” function to make your request without even touching the phone.) Siri will tell you how many new texts you have, read the first one out loud, and then ask you if you want to reply. If you do, she will ask you what you want to say. If you don’t wish to reply, just say “No” and she will read the next new text out loud.

If you have an Android phone, start voice detection by saying “OK Google” and then say, “Show me my messages.” You will have the choice to hear or skip each message, and then to “Reply,” “Repeat,” or “Next.”

Maybe try this first when you are not driving.

Note: This feature is called “text to speech.” The opposite, “speech to text,” describes dictating a text or reading the text of a voice mail. All cool stuff.

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