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Printing Attachments

I am often contacted by clients having trouble printing documents that came attached to their email.

I just want to print the attachment but all I get is the email showing me there is something attached. Help!

To print the attachment, you must first click (sometimes double-click) on the name of the attached file, prompting your computer to find the program most appropriate to open it.

Once an attachment is opened, it is independent of the email that delivered it so you need to print it from its own print commands, not the email print commands. Examples:

  • By clicking a Word document attached to an email, you prompt your computer to open Word. Print the document by clicking File > Print from within the Word program.
  • By clicking on a PDF file attached to an email, you prompt your computer to open Adobe Reader (or whichever PDF-reading program you use). Initiate the print function from within that program.

Of course if you also wish to print the content of the email itself, print the email directly from your email program.

I hope this helps.

Applauding Quicken

If you use checkbook software Quicken — and even if you don’t — please take a minute to appreciate Quicken’s customer-friendly move. From within the program, Quicken warns you against Quicken imposters and then helps you, the customer, by giving you the correct number for their actual customer service.

Bravo Quicken!

Scammers try to get our attention by passing themselves off as “real” companies, and we often fall for it. But, knowing these scammers are out there, I think the “real companies” could do more — as Quicken has — to protect us.

If the actual companies announced “We don’t call you,” or “We don’t pop into your computer and scare you into believing you will lose all your data,” or “Your email account with us won’t expire with 24-hour notice,” I know I would appreciate such assurance and feel much safer.

So I’ve included Quicken’s support number below, pulled from within my Quicken account (I added the checkmark), in case you need it. But you don’t have to take my word for it. If you use Quicken, you’ve probably already seen it.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 6.31.34 PM.png
Maybe other companies will follow suit.

No Such Thing

Clearly, there are people who fall for all kinds of computer scams — the scam business is as active as ever. I hope you are not among them.

Just a reminder, there is no such thing as:

  • Your email account being suspended in 24 hours
  • Your bank account being closed suddenly
  • Your Windows license key expiring
  • An unknown caller knowing if your computer is infected
  • A surprise Amazon gift certificate
  • A “Thank you” from Apple for your expensive iTunes purchase (with a note saying,
  • “If you didn’t make this purchase, click here…”)
  • A million dollars from a foreign country waiting for you in customs

If it seems unusual, it is probably a scam. Please delete/hang up/ignore and return to whatever you were doing.

Text to Speech

Last week’s ITmail about checking your phone more often for text messages elicited some comments about how reading texts is not always convenient. If you are driving, for example, you will have to wait to read them.

But you can listen to them.

If you have an iPhone, ask Siri to “read my texts” and she’ll do it. (Enable the “Hey Siri” function to make your request without even touching the phone.) Siri will tell you how many new texts you have, read the first one out loud, and then ask you if you want to reply. If you do, she will ask you what you want to say. If you don’t wish to reply, just say “No” and she will read the next new text out loud.

If you have an Android phone, start voice detection by saying “OK Google” and then say, “Show me my messages.” You will have the choice to hear or skip each message, and then to “Reply,” “Repeat,” or “Next.”

Maybe try this first when you are not driving.

Note: This feature is called “text to speech.” The opposite, “speech to text,” describes dictating a text or reading the text of a voice mail. All cool stuff.

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