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New Messages

If you have a house, you need to sort through your mail.

If you have a phone, you need to listen to your voice mail.

If you have an email address, you need to check your inbox.


If you text, you need to check your messages!

Seems obvious to those of you who check your messages often. But for those of you who don’t — or admit you don’t hear the “ding” of an incoming text — you should make a habit of checking your phone more often.

Texting is often used for communication that warrants a timely response.

  • Do you need anything from the store? (While your spouse/parent/child/friend is still at the store)…
  • I’m near your house and can stop by to drop off what you wanted to borrow. Are you home?
  • We need a 4th. Any chance you can play this morning?

If you are thinking that someone who wants this immediate information should just call you, you may be right. However, the information is no less urgent/important/helpful to you if they choose to text instead. Don’t miss out.

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