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Inbox Cleanup

Is today the day you will clean out your email inbox? Probably not.


Because … 1) it’s a daunting task, and 2) you spend so much time re-reading old email that you never actually get to the cleaning part. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

Here’s some help: temporarily change how your email is sorted — sort by the sender, rather than by date sent — and delete whole groups from the same sender at once.

  • Your inbox is usually sorted by “date sent”; the newest email is on the top.
  • If you sort your email by “from” (or “sender”), your email will be grouped alphabetically; all email from “Amazon” will be at the top and all email from “Zappos” will be at the bottom.
  • To delete in bulk, click the first email in a group, hold down the “shift” key, and then click the last email in the group. The first, last, and every email in between will be selected. Click “Delete.”
  • Repeat from A to Z as desired, skipping individual entries or whole groups of senders you wish to save.
  • To hand pick from those remaining, hold down the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) and click them one at a time.

When you are finished, set your sort preference back to “date sent” so that your inbox looks like it always did — just much cleaner!

NOTE: Not all devices and email services have this sort feature, and the method varies among those that do. Search the internet for your email service or device and the words “sort by sender.” If yours does not offer this feature, you can always do an inbox search for all email from a specific sender and delete those that are are found.

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