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Georgia’s New “Hands Free” Law

On July 1, 2018, a “hands-free” law goes in to effect in the state of Georgia.

What will this mean for you as a Georgia driver?

It will mean that you can still useyour phone in the car, you just can’t hold your phone while driving.*

If you need to use your phone while driving, consider these options:

  • Turn on the phone’s speaker feature. The sound might not be as clear, and others in the car will hear both sides of the conversation, but you can talk while keeping both hands on the wheel.
  • Wear wired — or wireless — earbuds: talk without holding the phone and without sharing the conversation with others around you.
  • Pair the phone with your car. If your car has the technology, talk and hear through your car’s sound system. This includes initiating and answering a call without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Ask Siri (or Google Assist, or Bixby, or Genie) to help do what you need to do: make a call, send a text, schedule a meeting, create a reminder, etc. all without your holding the phone.
  • Set your GPS destination before you leave and start the route before you start the car.

*The new law treats stopping at a red light or stop sign as driving. Drivers must be “lawfully parked” to legally hold a phone.

If you are interested in reading more about what will be legal and what will not, click the link below to read an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:–regional-govt–politics/georgia-just-passed-distracted-driving-bill-what-legal-what-not/PZXchE0AqAi1H8r7X8XrZN/

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