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Subtitles/Close Captions

If you think that YouTube is just videos of cute cats riding Roomba Robot Vacuums, then you are missing out. (Although those videos are pretty cute.)

YouTube videos can teach you almost anything: how to mix a vodka martini, make a chocolate molten lava cake, apply eyeshadow and nail polish, change a bicycle chain, de-scale a Keurig machine, reboot your smart phone, etc. You get the idea.

Go to (or open the mobile app), type a subject in the “search” box, and click or tap on one or more of the search results. Some videos are quite informative.

But what if those around you don’t share your interests or would rather not hear the audio? Or perhaps your computer volume — or your hearing — is not as clear as you’d like. Or maybe the person speaking in the video is difficult to understand. Don’t miss a good video; tap the “subtitles/closed captions” icon and read the audio.

Every YouTube video has this option; it might mean the difference between learning something important to you and never knowing it. Totally worth a try.

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