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More Photo Ops

My suggestion in last week’s IT mail to use your smartphone to take pictures of your prescription bottles prompted some readers to share the “other” things (not pets, kids, or sunsets!) they photograph with their phones. It’s a good list:
  • Jewelry before they leave it at the jeweler to be cleaned or fixed
  • Instructions that came with something they bought (and might forget how to use)
  • Printer cartridges so they buy the right replacements
  • Baked goods so they know how to do it — or not do it — next time
  • UPS or Fedex receipts that include the tracking number
  • Wall of pictures — or the stuff on the mantle — so they know where to put it all back after the room is painted.
  • A fabulous haircut — theirs or someone else’s — to remind or discuss with their stylist
  • Clothes they are donating to the thrift shop
Maybe some of these will work for you too.
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