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An Rx for Rx

“…and please bring all of your medications with you to your appointment.”

Is this standard request from your doctor’s office really necessary? Does the doctor need the medications or just the information about the medications?

Suggestion: use your smartphone to take pictures of the labels on your prescription bottles. Bring the pictures — not the bottles — to your appointment.

In fact, don’t wait until just before your appointment to take the pictures. Take a picture of each bottle when you pick up the prescription so you always have your medication information with you. You never know when you might need it.

A note about smartphone pictures: if your smartphone pictures sync with your computer or tv, and either device is set to use your whole picture library as your wallpaper slideshow, you might see the pictures of your prescriptions on your screen at your next cocktail party. If you’d prefer this not happen, change how your slideshow is configured or type your prescription information in the “Notes” section of your phone rather than take pictures of the labels.

“ … and don’t forget to bring your smartphone with you to your appointment.”

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