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Check the User ID

There’s little more deflating in the tech world than your computer rejecting your User ID and Password.

You try re-typing your password more carefully. If you mis-typed the first time, this may work. Otherwise, no good.

You check your “Caps Lock” button to be sure it’s not on. It’s not.

You consult your trusty list of passwords. “That’s what I typed!” you insist. You enter it again, even more slowly this time. Still no good.

You reluctantly click “Forgot Password” and attempt to prove you are you in order to create a new password. A half hour later you forgot what site you were trying to access.

My advice: at the first “rejection,” check the User ID! You might have mis-typed that. (No one ever checks that.)

Entry into a secured website requires the correct password and User ID. The password may be correct but you might have typed “.con” instead of “.com” for your User ID email address, or left out a character, or mistakenly entered your other email address. Rejected. Rejected. Rejected.

Come to think of it, some error messages actually say “The User Name or Password is incorrect.” Don’t assume it’s always the password.

iPad’s New “Flick” Keyboard

If you upgraded your iPad to the latest operating system (iOS11), you might have noticed a change to the visual keyboard: numbers and symbols are now displayed above the letters on the main keyboard page.

These characters are still accessible when you tap the “.?123” button but now you don’t even have to do that. Just touch the letter key that displays the character you want and swipe downward. Apple is calling this a “flick” motion on the new “flick” keyboard.

Try it!

Note: If you don’t see these new characters on your iPad’s keyboard, then you either haven’t upgraded to iOS11 (Settings > General > Software Update) or your iPad is too old to upgrade to this newest system.

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