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Don’t Forget

Have you ever …
  • Left for vacation forgetting something you meant to pack?
  • Left your doctor’s office before asking an important question?
  • Left the supermarket without buying the thing you went for?
Avoid these annoyances by keeping lists on your smartphone. Your phone is usually with you; what better place to record the things you think of when you think of them?
Every smartphone has place to keep a list. You can use a specific app (Reminders, Notes, Wunderlist, and One Note, for example), or use the “notes” or “tasks” section of your Calendar app, or even compose an email to yourself and save it as a draft.

The key is to start and maintain electronic lists — “Vacation,” “Doctor’s Appointment,” Grocery Store,” etc. — that you can easily access and add to at any time. Then, before you leave the house, office, or market, be sure to CHECK YOUR LIST!
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