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Skip Ad?

Do you click “Skip Ad” when you are waiting to watch a YouTube video?
I did, until I learned that the person who made the video makes money if I don’t skip the ad. Sometimes I let the ad play.
YouTube offers a wealth of information — in video format — about almost everything: crafting techniques, product reviews, technology, and cooking demonstrations, to name a few. Some videos are more informative and better produced than others. If you like a video, reward the creator.
Here are a few ways:
  • Don’t skip the ad. Of course you don’t know if you like a video until you watch it, but if you watch it again or watch another video by the same person, don’t click “Skip ad.” If the ad plays all the way through, the video creator gets a portion of the ad revenue.
  • Subscribe to the channel. If you like a video and want to see more from that creator, click “Subscribe.” You can be notified when a new video is uploaded.
  • “Like” and/or comment on the video. Let the creator know that you enjoyed the effort so he/she will make more videos.
  • Click a link in the description box below the video to purchase a product the video creator uses and recommends. This is called “Affiliate Marketing.” The video creator gets a commission if you click the link to the merchant (usually Amazon) and purchase that product.
If you want to support the knowledge, presentation, and skill of your favorite YouTubers, be sure to reward them.
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