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3-Way Calling

Even with its many cool features, your smartphone is, at its core (no “apple” pun intended), still a phone. One of my favorite phone features is one I often forget to use: 3-way calling. Make one call on your phone, add another call, and then connect (“merge”) the two. Now all three of you are in the same conversation.

Since you initiated the calls, the open lines depend on you. Either of the other parties can hang up and leave you and the remaining party talking, but if you disconnect first, the other two parties lose their connection to each other.
Three-way calls are a fun social experience (talking with two of your kids at the same time or agreeing on what restaurant three couples prefer), and a practical business tool (agents, attorneys, buyers, sellers, clients, spouses in different places, etc.).
Here’s how you do it on either an iPhone or an Android phone:
  • Once you are talking with the first party, tap “Add Call.” This will temporarily put the first party on hold.
  • Tap in a phone number or choose a number from your Contacts or your Recent Calls.
  • Once the second party answers, tap “Merge calls” and the two parties are connected to you and to each other.
Don’t forget about this feature. You’ve had it all along and probably rarely, if ever, use it. Try it soon!
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