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The Ultimate Cloud

At least once a week I am asked about the Cloud. What is it? Am I in it? How do I use it?

Cloud computing means using a computer to access information not stored in that computer.

Your email has always been in the Cloud. Your contacts and calendars can be in the Cloud, as can your photos and documents. You can access them as needed from anywhere.

Still, um, cloudy?

Ok, here is my latest cloud analogy. Imagine that you could store your closet full of clothes in the Cloud. When you go on vacation, you wouldn’t need to bring clothes; you could use your computer to access them. Chilly? Download a sweater. Beach day? Download your bathing suit. Night on the town? Download that perfect clutch bag you already own. And of course you’d always have the right shoes.

Perhaps until we can download tangible items, this concept helps you better understand today’s Cloud: Information stored globally but accessed locally.

But back to the closet idea. Seriously, how awesome would that be?!

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