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Beware The Slideshow

In an age where photos are shared seamlessly from one device to another, be careful where your photos end up.

You may want a copy of the images you take with your smartphone to be saved on your computer. And you may enjoy the rotating slideshow of pictures that displays on your monitor.

However… if you set the slideshow to display all of your pictures, that’s just what it will do — including the pictures of:

  • the mole you want to show to your dermatologist
  • the unflattering image of your knees you took by accident
  • the front page of your tax return you took for your accountant
  • the vacuum cleaner box that arrived damaged
  • your post-surgery scar

You get the idea. Perhaps not all of your pictures want to be on display when you have company over.

To better manage your slideshow contents, create a folder of images (maybe label it “desktop slideshow”) that you want to display on your monitor. Then set your slideshow to display only the pictures in that folder. To keep the show fresh, periodically add new pictures to the folder and remove others.

But please, do follow up with your dermatologist!


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