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Trading Up?

If you traded in your car to buy a new car, would you leave your house keys, wallet, and phone in the trade-in? Of course not.

Yet, many people leave their smartphones — fully loaded with emails and passwords and personal information — at the phone store when they buy a new phone. Just as bad. Please don’t do that.

If you buy a new phone:

  • Be sure you have a recent backup of your current phone, either to the cloud or to a computer.
  • Test the new phone to be sure that you can make calls and receive calls.
  • Enter your personal information into your new phone: Apple ID, email, apps, etc.
  • Test your new phone to be sure you can get your contacts, calendar, email, etc.
  • Sign out of everything on your current phone and then “Erase all Content and Settings.”

Only after you have erased everything from the phone — which restores it to the factory settings — should you consider trading it in, or even giving it to a friend or family member.

(Even if the person at the store offers to wipe your phone clean for you, I recommend that you decline. Do it yourself to be sure it gets done.)

Or, just keep the old phone as a backup of all of your information. You will probably never need it, but at least you’ll be sure no one got your information from that phone.

If you recently bought a new phone and left your old, fully-loaded phone at the store, you should change your passwords for your email address(es), your Apple ID, your Amazon account, and any other site/app that had a password stored in the phone.

And then … enjoy your new phone!

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