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Large Print Keyboard Cover

Sometimes I see a computer accessory that I have to have — or at least mention.

Do you look at the keys when you type?  (I do). Are your eyes getting worse every year? (Mine are). Try a large-print keyboard cover! This removable, flexible, silicone cover instantly displays your keyboard letters in larger print for easy viewing.

These covers are made for standard desktop and laptop keyboards and are available online and in stores. The keyboard cover pictured here is for the wireless Apple keyboard. To see it, click: Large Print Apple Keyboard Cover

To learn more about this accessory, type “large print keyboard cover” (no quotes) into your preferred search engine and surf the results to find one that will fit your keyboard. Or shop for one in the computer accessories section of your favorite electronics store.

Note: I don’t receive any compensation for mentioning specific products; I just like this keyboard cover.


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