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Folding A Fitted Sheet

My whole life I have failed to adequately fold a fitted sheet. The sheet ends up in a ball, looking no better than it did when I pulled it out of the dryer. Until now.

I finally learned how to do it — watching a video on the internet. Some things are just better learned by demonstration rather than by explanation, reading, or imagining.

If you are curious how to do something — get red wine out of a white carpet, change a watch battery, make macaroni and cheese, tie a bow tie, etc. — and think a video is the way to learn, skip the text and go right to the video options.

When you use search engines Google, Bing, or Yahoo!, enter the keywords and then click “videos.” The search results will only include videos that match your request. Some videos are better than others; watch a few and you will likely find what you are looking for.

In the meantime, if you want Martha Stewart to show you how to fold a fitted sheet, click here: How to fold a fitted sheet.


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