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What the Store Stores

If you shop online, you know that specifying the correct shipping address and the correct credit card are key. Take a minute to be sure these details are right for your purchase, especially if you keep this information stored in your online account.

Some examples from my clients:

I bought a gift for my niece and had it shipped directly to her. Unfortunately, the next few things I bought also went to her. Ugh!

I shop online for items for my business I and keep my business credit card number stored at the site as my “default” card. But occasionally, I’ll buy personal items so I also store a personal credit card number in my account. The last thing I bought was with my personal card and, without my permission, the site changed that credit card to my “default” card. The next business things I bought were charged to my personal card by mistake. I didn’t catch it until later.

I hear this kind of thing all the time.

Perhaps it is best not to keep any card on file, but if you do, be sure you are charging your purchase to the correct card and shipping the item to the correct address. It only takes a moment to review — and change — the order.

Also, beware of the return protocol. When I last returned something to an online store I was given the choice of crediting my credit card or receiving store credit …. and “receiving store credit” was already selected. Of course they’d prefer I do that, but that was not my preference. Pay close attention.

Yes, these online purchases are quick and easy, but too quick and too easy may not get you what you want.

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