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Serving All Night

If you are both a tennis fan and an insomniac, good news: the Australian Open started today!

For the next two weeks, the first match will start in Melbourne at about 11:00am, which is 7:00pm the night before on the US east coast. And when they play all day, you can watch all night. Woo hoo.

If you choose not to watch on your television, you can watch tennis — or most anything else — on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Just download your TV provider’s app (DirecTV, Comcast, Dish, Verizon, etc.) or visit the provider’s website, sign in*, and choose your channel.

If you are concerned that the late-night volume will wake others, use your earbuds or mute the device.

*You may wish to test your User Name and Password before the middle of the night, in case you need to contact your provider for assistance. If you think you can do it without a password, well, dream on.

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