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Last Minute Gifts

T’was the week before … well, you know.

Still need some gifts? Consider an electronic gift card.

Purchase it online and the notice will be emailed to the recipient. This gift can happen in a matter of minutes; just have your credit card and the recipient’s email address ready.

The recipient can use the virtual card on the store’s website or print it out and take it to the store.

There should be something for everyone: Barnes and Noble, Home Depot, Apple, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Amazon, to name a few.

To make this gift more personal, choose a store that you know the recipient likes (ask his/her friends, parents, or siblings for suggestions) and, in the accompanying message, ask your recipient to let you know what he/she bought.

Happ-e shopping and happy holidays!

Holiday Cards 2016

How is your holiday card project coming? All done? Working on it? Just realized it’s December … yikes!

There’s still time to get it together; your computer can be a big help. Here are some options:

Do the whole thing electronically
Upload one or more pictures to a web-based photocard site
Choose your card design
Type your message
Upload your mailing addresses (to send a printed card) or your email addresses (to send a paperless electronic card)

Do most of it electronically
Use the card site to create your card but have the company mail you the cards and envelopes (with printed return address option)
Add a personal note and address by hand (or label)

Do some of it electronically
Create your card (or holiday letter) on your computer
Print copies on your printer
Add a personal note and address by hand (or label)

Do most of it manually
Purchase or handwrite cards but print your addresses from your computer onto labels.

Lots of choices. Where to start?

To find a web-based service that is right for you, type “holiday photo cards,” or “holiday ecards” into your computer’s search engine. (I’m sure some of the company names will look familiar to you from their commercials). Or look at a card you saved from last year — or ask the person who sent it — to learn which company created it.

I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate your holiday sentiments no matter how they arrive.

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