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High(er) Speed Scanner

Earlier this year I wrote about options for scanning a lot of pictures, including purchasing a high-speed photo scanner. Since then, I have been asked by a few clients to recommend one.

So, here it is: The Doxie Go Portable Scanner. I love this machine.

This little “pass thru” scanner works without a computer, and even without a power cord, once it’s charged. It can scan flat pictures and documents and store them until you plug the scanner into your computer and upload them. (There is also a WiFi-cabable model that sends pictures wirelessly to your computer, iPad, or iPhone). The software you need for this scanner is free and works on both Windows and Mac computers.

While most of us can scan an image from the flatbed glass top of the printer, it takes a few minutes. Multiply that by your big box of family photos and you get a project you may never start. But if it only takes seconds to scan an image, the project may actually get done.

Check it out at: Click “Compare” at the top to learn about the different models.

Please note that I am not a spokesperson for this company nor do I receive any compensation from them for recommending their products. I just like my scanner! 


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