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Back to 100%

I often receive “panic calls” from clients with a computer screen full of characters and images so magnified (or so minimized) that reading and navigating are virtually impossible.

What did I do? How do I get it back?

To get the text size back to 100%, hold down the Control key (ctrl) on a Windows computer (or the “Command” key on a Mac) while pressing the “0” (Zero) key. Phew. Immediate relief!

So, what happened?

You may have changed your screen’s magnification in one of these ways:

  • You held down the Control/Command key and repeatedly hit the “Plus” sign (enlarge) or the “Minus” sign (reduce) and the text size changed.
  • You clicked on the “View” or “Settings” or “Zoom” menu options and changed the magnification percentage.
  • You moved the magnification slider (available in some programs but not in others) to the right or left changing the screen view.
  • You slid your fingers across the touchpad (laptop) or across the mouse, triggering the screen magnification tools.

Undoing what you did by any of these methods will get your screen back to 100%, but the simplest way is the “Control(Command) Zero” option.

Of course if your touch screen is magnified or minimized, “pinch” the screen to minimize your screen view, or “spread” your fingers to maximize your screen view.

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