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Monitor Upgrade

Is your computer’s monitor up to date?

When the dimensions of television screens changed a few years ago, so did the dimensions of computer monitors. Older televisions and monitors were an almost-square aspect ratio of 4:3, known as “Fullscreen.” Newer televisions and monitors are a much wider-than-tall 16:9 aspect ratio, known as “Widescreen.”

If you have a desktop computer that runs Windows 7 or newer (or a Mac that runs one of the newer iOS operating systems) and your monitor is still 4:3, you may wish to replace it.

Not only will the display of a newer monitor be that much more brilliant than what you are used to (screen technology has dramatically improved since you bought your older monitor), the newer software you are already using is specifically designed for a widescreen display.

And … if you buy a new monitor, be sure it has a built-in webcam. You’ll certainly want to video chat with your friends and family on your nice new screen!

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