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Get A System

Quick … do you know where your keys are? How about your wallet? Your smartphone? Thank goodness! When you need them, you’ll have them.

How about your passwords? Do you know where they are? You need those too.

Do you have a system to keep track of them?

Your passwords should be easy for you to find and to update. Some systems are better than others: tacking stickies to your computer is not very good; storing your passwords in your phone so you always have them with you is better. (Be sure to lock your phone though and store that passcode elsewhere!)

Some password reminders:

  • If you change a password, be sure to change it everywhere you store it (email, wifi, etc.).
  • Do not use the same password for everything.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Just because you don’t have to enter your password each time (email, wifi, etc.), doesn’t mean you don’t have one!
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