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Cloud vs. Device

Some apps have an option to show what is in the “Cloud” and what is on the “Device.” What does this mean?

When you purchase electronic media (music, ebooks, audio books, videos) from online stores (iTunes, Kindle, Audible, etc.), those songs, books, and movies are stored in your account on the store’s server. That’s your content in the “Cloud.”

If you want to watch/listen to your purchases, you must download them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. That’s your content on the “Device.”
Fortunately, you don’t have to download every purchase to every device, but you can if you wish. Maybe you want audio books on your phone but not on your tablet. Or you want ebooks on your tablet but not on your phone. Your choice.

Downloaded media takes up space on your device; manage your content wisely. Download the book you wish to read next but delete those you have finished. They are still in the Cloud ready to be downloaded again if you wish to re-read them.

Note that downloading content requires an internet connection, but reading, listening, and watching downloaded content does not. Be sure to download the content you wish to have before you get on an airplane or away from a trusted network.

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