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A Puzzling Text

A few weeks ago I pulled over to text a friend: Running late. Do you want to wait for me or meet me there?

She replied: iw84u

I was driving, I was rushing, and she sent me a puzzle*?

While I recognized her text-savvy shorthand (I finally got it: iw84u is “I wait for you”), I believe her response belongs in the “Let’s not get carried away” department, or maybe on a license plate.

Texts should be quick and easy communication for all parties to the conversation. My friend typed 5 characters instead of maybe 15; certainly quick and easy for her. For me? Not so much.

Look at your text before you send it. Be sure it is appropriate for the occasion.
*Bonus non-computer trivia: The text “puzzle” mentioned above is called a Rebus, a “representation of words with pictures, letter names, or symbols that suggest the sound of the words.” (I looked it up).

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