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Deleting Photos

“If I delete a picture from one device (phone, tablet, computer, digital camera), will it delete from my other devices or cloud-based service?”

I get this question quite often and my answer is always the same: Try it to see what happens.

It’s not that I don’t know, or don’t want to tell you. The correct answer depends on your devices and how they are set up.

Choose a picture you don’t care about (partial thumbs are popular choices) and delete it. Does it delete from your computer photo gallery? Your external hard drive? Your phone? Your tablet? Your cloud-based storage?

As a general rule of, er, thumb, if you copied your pictures to an external hard drive or to your computer using a cable, deleting an image in one device will not delete that image in another device. If, however, your images share wirelessly, you should test your system.

Whether or not you want the images you delete in one device to delete in your other devices, you should know for certain what will happen before you delete any pictures you care about.

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