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Unexpected Upgrade?!

Surprise! Your computer is upgrading to Windows 10?!

I got a number of calls and emails this week from not-so-happy clients who — after months of rejecting the invitation to upgrade to Windows 10 — found their computers upgrading to Windows 10 anyway.

Here’s what I learned: Microsoft has three levels of updates — optional, recommended, and critical. Windows 10 (which isn’t technically an update; it’s an upgrade) used to be “optional” but Microsoft recently changed it to “recommended.” So, if your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer is set to “Install recommended updates,” the Windows 10 upgrade starts without additional permission.


Some good news:
If your upgrade starts and you don’t want it, you can shut down the computer and reboot it. Or you can click the “Decline” button, which is hidden behind the “More Info” button. If your computer completed the upgrade, you can restore your machine back to your previous operating system.

Some BETTER news:
Windows 10 is pretty good. Even if you share my dislike for Microsoft’s upgrade tactics, you may still like the new system. When Windows 10 was first released, it had some issues, but the transition seems cleaner now. And, with a few tweaks, Windows 10 can be made to work just like your old system; all of your shortcuts, favorites, icons, programs, and files will be there, along with a few new features.

Embrace the unexpected … or not. At least that is your choice.

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