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A “Sweeping” Idea

My recent purchase of a new vacuum cleaner (yawn) prompted me to discover yet another excellent use for my smartphone camera.

The vacuum came boxed unassembled, packed with form-fitting corrugated material cradling each piece and interlocking them like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Impressive engineering.

As I painstakingly separated the vacuum parts from the cardboard, all I could think was, “I really hope I don’t have to send this back!”

I love a challenging puzzle, but if I unpacked and assembled the vacuum only to find it didn’t work, I’d be in no mood to try to fit the pieces back into the box to return them.

Unless … I used my smartphone to take pictures as I unpacked the box.

Creating my own step-by-step guide to show me how to “re-do” what I just “un-did” would save a lot of time and aggravation.

Thus far, the vacuum is working as promised, but I’ll be taking pictures of the next intricately packed thing I buy, just in case.

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