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Video Selfie?

For my father’s 80th birthday, I invited his friends and family to record a short video message for him and send it to me electronically. I strung the videos together to make a video birthday card. It made for a fun celebration.

If you received an invitation to record a video and send it electronically, would you be able to do it?

Not everyone I contacted thought they could, but most got it done. Many even surprised themselves by how easy it was.

Record a Video

  • Use your smartphone or tablet. Using the Camera app, choose the camera that faces you, position yourself so you are in the frame, and start recording. Stop recording when you are done. Erase and do it again if you are not happy with it. The video will be in your Photo app.
  • Use your computer’s webcam. On a Mac, use the Quicktime program. On a Windows 10 computer, use the built-in Camera App. Save the file to your desktop or your Pictures folder for ease in finding it later.


Send a Video 

  • Video files too large to attach to an email, may be sent by attaching to a text. If the file is too large to text, upload it to a cloud-based service like MailDrop, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Photos. Video files work just like any other files, but take longer to upload.


Or … ask for help! A friend can use your phone or tablet — or their phone or tablet — to record you. Anyone comfortable taking and sending videos should be happy to help.

Most importantly, look at the camera (not at your notes) and have fun!

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