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Play Ball 2016!

The Major League Baseball season starts soon and, if you are a fan like me, you need to know when your favorite team is playing.

Here’s how I do it: I download my team’s schedule to the calendar app on my computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can do it too.

On whichever device(s) you want the calendar:

  • Go to
  • Click “Teams” (right side of the menu across the top)
  • Scroll down and click on the name of your team
  • Click “Schedule” (top menu bar)
  • Scroll past the current schedule and click on “Downloadable Schedule”
  • Follow the instructions in the right hand column for your specific device (Apple, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Your team’s schedule is now an independent calendar, separate from your personal or work calendar. You can show or hide the baseball calendar by clicking it on or off.

Good luck this season. I hope your team wins, unless it is playing my team!

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