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The Subject Line

The more we hesitate to open unfamiliar email, the more important the “Subject” Line becomes. Please take it seriously.

In the past, the Subject line could be an afterthought. The return address identified you as the sender and the message area said what you wanted to say. Why fill in the Subject line at all?

Today, with the frequent “spoofed” emails that look like they are from people we know, the Subject line takes on new importance.

Spoofers love to pique our curiousity with Subjects like, “Best Video Ever,” or “You Gotta See This!”

Rather than enter something generic — or leave the Subject line blank — we should choose meaningful content: “Monday Tennis Schedule” or “Upcoming Gourmet Dinner Menu.”

You get the idea.

Don’t make friends and colleagues guess what your email is about, or whether the mail is even from you at all.

Be thoughtful about the Subject line. Your readers will appreciate it.

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