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No Internet?

I frequently get calls from clients who cannot get on the internet. What causes a lost internet connection? Here is some diagnostic help.

If one computer can’t access the internet, try another computer, tablet, or smart tv. If none of them has an internet connection, the problem is with the service coming from outside the house or with your modem/router.

  • First try to reboot your modem and/or router (unplug, wait, re-plug, wait).
  • If still no internet service, call your internet service provider.
  • (Note that your smart phone will still have internet access; it is using your cellular plan, not your wi-fi network).

If your computer has no internet access but other machines do, the problem is not with the service or wi-fi but just with the one machine.

  • If your computer is hard-wired to the modem, be sure the ethernet cable that connects the two is snapped into place on both ends.
  • If your computer connects to the internet wirelessly, go to your wireless settings and try to select and re-join your network.
  • If you have a laptop, be sure that you have not accidentally turned off the wi-fi capability.
  • If you can’t access the internet with one web browser, try another one (if Internet Explorer won’t work, try Safari or Chrome or Firefox)
  • If everything seems in order and you still have no internet access on one machine, try rebooting that machine or moving it closer to the router.

Note also that if your computer does have internet access but it will not print to your wireless printer, the printer has probably lost its internet connection. The printer will copy, but until you re-establish internet connection, it will not print.

I hope this helps!

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