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“Note” Worthy

Are you using your electronic Contact List (Address Book) to its full potential?

Other than filling in a first and last name, a phone number, an email address, and maybe even a physical address, are you storing information in the “Notes” section? If not, you are missing a valuable convenience.

  • Under your insurance company name, put your policy and group number.
  • Under a new acquaintance’s name, make a note of where you met him/her.
  • Under the paint store listing, note the colors you purchased.
  • Under the Emergency Vet listing, note the hours they are open.
  • Under any company listing, put your user name and password hint.

You get the idea.

You never know when you might need “Note” information, but if it’s in your address book and it syncs with your phone, you have it with you all the time.

In my Contacts, my dogs have their own listings. Where else would I store their shot, medication, and food information?

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