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Printing a Spreadsheet

Printing an Excel spreadsheet that looks the way you want it to look can be a particularly challenging experience.

  • Does one column appear by itself on another page?
  • Do a few rows jump down to the next page but have no column headers?
  • Are the gridlines not where you want them, or do they not show at all?

Unless the content of your speadsheet (one you created or one someone sent you) fits effortlessly on one page, you need to decide how the printed copy should look, and then tweak the print settings accordingly.

  • Must everything fit on one page no matter the size of the text, or must the text be a certain size no matter the number of pages?
  • Must the page be vertical even if some columns jump to the next page, or can the printed copy be oriented horizontally?
  • Must the margins be a certain width (perhaps the page will be inserted in a binder) or can the margins be freely adjusted?
  • The answers will vary from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. Best to know some basic print setting options. Here is a link* to one of many helpful tutorials on printing Excel spreadsheets.

Use your “Print Preview” option to see what will print, and keep changing the settings until you see what you want. Don’t get discouraged; it takes some patience.

*Note: I have no control over, nor do I necessarily endorse, the products in any ads that precede this link or appear on the web page itself. 

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