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Previous Recipients

We all have them: old or incorrect email addresses that pop up in our “To” field when we are trying to address an email to the correct address. Maddening. How to get rid of them?

The answer is two-fold:

First, delete the old or incorrect email from your contact (address) book if the address is in there. As long as this unwanted address is in your contacts, it will auto-fill when you type the first few characters.

Then, remove the unwanted email address from your “previous recipients” list. Even if the old or incorrect email address is not in your address book, it may still appear in the “To” field. If you sent an email to this address — even if it was years ago — it stayed in a “previous recipients” list and it will annoy you every time it pops up.

To remove previous recipients from an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Mail program.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Start to type the address you don’t want; it will appear as an auto-fill choice.
  4. Tap the blue “i” in a circle to the right of the un-wanted contact. (Only the addresses not in your contact list will have an “i” next to them.)
  5. Tap “Remove from Recents.”

For steps to remove previous recipients from other devices, use your internet search engine to look up this issue for your specific device or email provider.

Get Comfortable

Are you sitting down?

Is your posture good? Have you been in this position for hours? Is the screen bright enough? Are you squinting at the print?

Please take a few seconds to assess your ergonomic surroundings.

The more attached we are to our computer devices, the more time we spend using them in positions that can cause headaches, backaches, eye strain, sore muscles, and carpal tunnel syndrome, to name a few problems.

Remember when you curled up with that riveting e-book and then strained to un-curl? Ouch.

Here are a few reminders to stay healthy while computing:

  • Take frequent breaks; stretch and walk around for a few minutes
  • Be aware of the changing light around you and change with it
  • Adjust your chair height, desktop height, keyboard position, and /or monitor angle to create optimum long term comfort
  • Adjust the screen magnification (or get magnifying glasses) to ease eye strain
  • Prop up your laptop, tablet, or smartphone if you are reading in bed or on the couch
  • Create a footrest or back support out of whatever is available

Stay comfortable, my friends!

No Internet?

I frequently get calls from clients who cannot get on the internet. What causes a lost internet connection? Here is some diagnostic help.

If one computer can’t access the internet, try another computer, tablet, or smart tv. If none of them has an internet connection, the problem is with the service coming from outside the house or with your modem/router.

  • First try to reboot your modem and/or router (unplug, wait, re-plug, wait).
  • If still no internet service, call your internet service provider.
  • (Note that your smart phone will still have internet access; it is using your cellular plan, not your wi-fi network).

If your computer has no internet access but other machines do, the problem is not with the service or wi-fi but just with the one machine.

  • If your computer is hard-wired to the modem, be sure the ethernet cable that connects the two is snapped into place on both ends.
  • If your computer connects to the internet wirelessly, go to your wireless settings and try to select and re-join your network.
  • If you have a laptop, be sure that you have not accidentally turned off the wi-fi capability.
  • If you can’t access the internet with one web browser, try another one (if Internet Explorer won’t work, try Safari or Chrome or Firefox)
  • If everything seems in order and you still have no internet access on one machine, try rebooting that machine or moving it closer to the router.

Note also that if your computer does have internet access but it will not print to your wireless printer, the printer has probably lost its internet connection. The printer will copy, but until you re-establish internet connection, it will not print.

I hope this helps!

“Note” Worthy

Are you using your electronic Contact List (Address Book) to its full potential?

Other than filling in a first and last name, a phone number, an email address, and maybe even a physical address, are you storing information in the “Notes” section? If not, you are missing a valuable convenience.

  • Under your insurance company name, put your policy and group number.
  • Under a new acquaintance’s name, make a note of where you met him/her.
  • Under the paint store listing, note the colors you purchased.
  • Under the Emergency Vet listing, note the hours they are open.
  • Under any company listing, put your user name and password hint.

You get the idea.

You never know when you might need “Note” information, but if it’s in your address book and it syncs with your phone, you have it with you all the time.

In my Contacts, my dogs have their own listings. Where else would I store their shot, medication, and food information?

Printing a Spreadsheet

Printing an Excel spreadsheet that looks the way you want it to look can be a particularly challenging experience.

  • Does one column appear by itself on another page?
  • Do a few rows jump down to the next page but have no column headers?
  • Are the gridlines not where you want them, or do they not show at all?

Unless the content of your speadsheet (one you created or one someone sent you) fits effortlessly on one page, you need to decide how the printed copy should look, and then tweak the print settings accordingly.

  • Must everything fit on one page no matter the size of the text, or must the text be a certain size no matter the number of pages?
  • Must the page be vertical even if some columns jump to the next page, or can the printed copy be oriented horizontally?
  • Must the margins be a certain width (perhaps the page will be inserted in a binder) or can the margins be freely adjusted?
  • The answers will vary from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. Best to know some basic print setting options. Here is a link* to one of many helpful tutorials on printing Excel spreadsheets.

Use your “Print Preview” option to see what will print, and keep changing the settings until you see what you want. Don’t get discouraged; it takes some patience.

*Note: I have no control over, nor do I necessarily endorse, the products in any ads that precede this link or appear on the web page itself. 

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