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“Accountable” Spouse

One of my clients spent the better part of the last two weeks on the phone pleading with the people at her internet service provider company to get her back online. They finally helped her, but only after they agreed to talk with her at all.

You see, a few months earlier this client’s husband passed away and, at the time of his death, only his name was listed on the internet service account. The company reps refused to talk with my client as she was not named on the account. To get on the account, she had to drive to the local office with her identification and his death certificate. Twice.

To avoid a similar scenario, add additional names to your household accounts so that survivors/spouses can make changes or get help. Many companies insist the account holder do this by phone. And, while you are at it, be sure that your spouse or significant other knows the passwords to your important online accounts.

Save yourself — or your spouse — this additional stress during what will already be a stressful time.

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