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This vs That

The Internet is a valuable resource for learning about and comparing products or services. Here’s a tip to find information quickly:

In your favorite search engine, type the name of a product followed by “vs” (without the quotation marks). Your search results will highlight your item compared to its competitors.

For example:

  • Type “Haagen Dazs vs” and you”ll get search results comparing Haagen Dazs to Ben and Jerry’s and other popular brands of ice cream.
  • Type “TaylorMade vs” and read about similarities and differences among TaylorMade, Callaway, and Adams golf clubs.
  • Type “Fitbit vs” and read how Fitbit compares to other wearable fitness trackers.

Whether you are thinking about buying something or you wish to read about products similar to something you already own, use the “vs” in your search.

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