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Paperless Billing

Your credit card companies and other vendors are hoping you will agree to paperless billing — that is, forego the mailed paper bills and accept emailed electronic invoices instead.

Paperless billing is attractive: you receive bills wherever you are, and you eliminate the threat of personal information stolen from your mailbox or seen by others in your home.

However, what I suspect keeps you from embracing paperless billing is the fear that you will forget to pay a bill. When a paper bill sits in a pile on the desk, it’s hard to ignore. (Of course you can print an electronic invoice to have your own paper copy).

If you do choose paperless billing, create email folders called “unpaid” and “paid.” As soon as you receive an electronic invoice, move the email to your “unpaid” folder. When you pay the bill, move the emailed invoice to your “paid” folder. You can even create sub-folders within your “paid” folder to separate “credit cards” from “cable company” from “utilities,” etc.

Are you wondering how you are going to remember to check your “unpaid” folder? Set a reminder or event alarm on your calendar for a certain day (or days) of the month that you need to pay bills.

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