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Hidden Ribbon

The Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) feature a toolbar of “tabs” and “ribbons” across the top of the screen. In each ribbon you’ll find the tools you need to format your document. If the ribbon — with all of its tools — disappears, you might panic.

The disappearing ribbon is not an anomaly; Microsoft includes the option to hide the ribbon to free up screen space. Nice if you want it hidden; scary if you hide it by mistake and can’t get it back.

Here’s the secret:

On a Windows computer: double-click on any tab to hide the ribbon and double-click on any tab to reveal it. (If you only single click on a tab when the ribbon is hidden, the ribbon will appear for one command but disappear again when you resume typing).

On a Mac Computer: click once on the open tab to hide the ribbon and click once on any tab to reveal it.

It’s easy to hide the ribbon (even if by mistake); thank goodness it’s just as easy to get it back. Once you know how.

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