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There’s an old joke in the “computer help desk” world that describes a computer problem as a PICNIC: “Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.” Yeah, I know. Hilarious.

Although, to be fair, PICNIC can also be “Problem In Computer, Not In Chair” — that is, a computer problem not caused by the operator’s error.

That’s the one I encountered a lot this week.

There was a power outage/surge that severely compromised one computer. And a printer that wasn’t compatible with Windows 10. There was a software purchase that said “compatible with Mac 10.10.0,” but didn’t mention that it wasn’t compatible with anything before 10.10.0. And there was the computer that just died unexpectedly and had to be replaced — and then the replacement computer that wouldn’t print at all!

None of these were “Problem In Chair.” Sadly though, the “chairs” still suffered.

What to do?

  • Be sure you back up your files/folders/pictures somewhere (external hard drive, off site company, etc.) … just in case.
  • Check to see if your software and other hardware is compatible with a new operating system before you upgrade. Some older programs and devices may just not work, but others may need to be updated too. Use your favorite search engine to look up the program or device in relation to the new operating system and read what others have to say.

These problems are annoying and sometimes costly, and though they are not your fault, I’m sure that doesn’t make you feel any better.

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