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Charging Ahead

It’s our bedtime routine: plugging in the phone, the tablet, the fitness tracker, the laptop, and even the universal remote so that they, as we, face the next day re-energized.

But what if — egad! — you wake up and realize something isn’t charged. You can’t start the day with a phone that has only 15% battery life! What happened?

The electricity might have gone off overnight, or the phone was plugged into the cable but the other end wasn’t plugged into the wall, or perhaps there is debris in the charging port and the cable didn’t make full contact.

Your phone’s port can pick up lint in your pocket, crumbs on the counter, dirt outside, or sand at the beach. Unless you have a case that covers the port, you are probably collecting debris.

If you plug in the power cable and you don’t hear the “charging tone” or see the “charging icon,” check to see that the cable is fully seated in the port. If it’s not, the device won’t charge.

To remove the debris, try to shake it out, blow it out with a can of compressed air, or gently pry it out with a toothpick. Don’t use anything metal or jam anything in too deeply. If you are not successful, take the device to a computer store and ask one of the techs to remove the debris.

If your devices aren’t fully energized in the morning, you probably won’t be either.

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